Brokerage Trading with Risk Management

Backconnect is a functionally rich stock and commodity brokerage back-office and trading system designed to provide straight-through-order, processing, equity, custody, and money market services with extensive online exposure and margin control capability. The product has been designed around a very flexible architecture allowing it to add support to new exchanges with a minimum of changes. It provides a flexible end-to-end solution to brokerage houses with interfaces to trading, depository, and clearing and settlement systems.


Easily check stock market quotes and trade using Softech’s Trading Terminal. Read news and analyses trading trends with the help of powerful bar graphs.

Feature Highlights

  • BackConnect is a comprehensive brokerage back office system that allows online stock trading through multiple channels i.e desktop, mobile, and web. Other features include: Risk management with exposure & margin control
  • Role-based access controls
  • Supports multiple & multi-currency asset classes
  • Multi-currency & multi-venue trading
  • Integrated GL
  • Fixed Income Securities (FIS) Management
  • Money Market (MM) System